Certain sectors require specific regulations. This is the case for any industry that is open to competition but also those that raise, for example, considerations of public interest (such as healthcare).

Although very disparate, the questions that arise in these sectors call for answers that are based on common principles: the setting up of industry-specific authorities, the definition of pricing practices, non-discrimination principles, access to certain activities being subject to a system of licences and authorisations, etc.

Magenta is well-versed in these issues, whether they arise in the postal industry, transport, pharmaceuticals, payment services or even in the online betting and gaming sector. 

In addition to Magenta's expertise in energy and telecoms, the firm's recent activity in other regulated sectors has mainly involved the following services : 

Monitoring the regulatory framework applicable to the French online betting industry, and regular assistance in litigation, for an electronic communications operator in connection with proceedings launched by ARJEL to prevent access to certain websites.

Advice on the deregulation of postal services.

Advice on the regulations applicable to nuclear fuel transactions.

Advice in connection with the management of a pharmaceutical laboratory's commercial policy (defining prices and profit capping, etc.).