American Lawyer : supplément « Focus Europe » – Interview de Sylvain Justier et Vincent Jaunet

9 juillet 2013

Sylvain Justier et Vincent Jaunet ont participé à l’enquête menée par Anastasia Hancock sur les cabinets « boutiques » en France . L’article synthétisant les résultats de cette enquête a été publié dans le supplément biannuel « Focus Europe » du magazine American Lawyer. En voici quelques extraits :

«  Given the rise in popularity of the boutique model, along with the economic crisis which has landed fee issues top of the agenda for global companies, a significant number of these players have added niche practices to their panels. ‘With cuts in legal fees globally implemented by clients, the boutique business model – top quality and tailor made legal services at reasonable costs – is particularly fitted to the economic situation’ confirms Sylvain Justier partner at boutique competition law firm Magenta.

‘We are witnessing a growing number of boutiques emerging on the French market’ says Magenta partner Vincent Jaunet. ‘It illustrates, in our opinion, the reliability of the boutique model’ while adding that ‘a firm’s success does not mainly depend on whether it is a boutique or offers a wide range of services but on its market positioning’. »

Focus Europe, an ALM Publication, July 2013 in

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