Chambers and Legal500 recommend Magenta and Sylvain Justier in Competition law 

The telecoms industry is always changing, both on a technological level (FTTH for fixed networks, 4G and soon 5G for mobile network) and in the field of regulation, due to the emergence of these new technologies, the developments in European regulations and the transition from ex ante regulation to ex post controls.

Having regularly acted for many years on behalf of major players in the landline, broadband and mobile sectors, as well as for Internet providers, Magenta is right up to date with these changes. Magenta can not only meet its clients' requirements but can also anticipate developments in order to support the clients' growth and market positioning.

Magenta's services include:

  • Advisory, and negotiating interconnection and network access agreements, both fixed and mobile: fibre, unbundling, MVNO and IRU contracts, hosting on pylon sites, access to civil engineering works, etc.
  • Assistance in negotiating the delegation of public services to set up and operate optical fibre networks (FTTH).
  • Assistance with allocation procedures and the conditions of use for scarce resources.
  • Disputes before the French sector regulator ARCEP (dispute settlements and sanction proceedings), before the antitrust authority and before the administrative and commercial courts.
  • Tax disputes: dialling taxes, audiovisual tax, operator taxes etc.

Finally, the team at Magenta often attends the leading sector conferences, and has stated its opinion on these developments, in a number of articles and public events. 

Some of our recent assignments :

Acting for several operators in dispute settlement proceedongs before ARCEP related to the technical and pricing conditions in agreements for access to an electronic communications network, and on the billing/repayment conditions for value-added services.

Assisting an electronic communications operator in negotiating various delegations of public services for the construction and operation of FTTH networks.

Defending an electronic communications operator in connection with an ARCEP sanction procedure.

Assisting an electronic communications operator in the high-speed broadband sector: drafting contracts (facility operator contract, information supply contract), administrative disputes regarding the award of a public contract for an optic fibre network, advice on executing the contract.

Assisting a telecommunications operator before the French competition authority in a case concerning the deployment of a DTT broadcasting network.

Acting for an operator in a commercial compensation claim, against an operator regarding the violation of its regulatory obligations concerning its wholesale interconnexion tariffs (violation of the cost-orientation principle).

Negotiating interconnection and roaming contracts on behalf of a well-established overseas operator.

Assisting North African and Middle Eastern countries in connection with the development of their regulatory framework in the electronic communications sector, in order to regulate operators enjoying significant market power.

Disputing the tax levied on an electronic communications operator.

Successful litigation to obtain reimbursement of a dialling tax.