Internet & new technologies

Net neutrality, the protection of personal freedoms in the context of Web 2.0 development, cybersquatting, cyber­crime, the protection of copyrights and remuneration for rights holders: Internet users and operators face a large number of challenges.

While some of these issues call for specific answers (the rules on responsibility between Internet services providers and web hosting providers, for example), the specific nature of Internet does not absolve these parties from respecting the general rules that apply to their businesses, for example in connection with advertising campaigns or e-commerce services: data protection, intellectual property rights, brand rights etc.

Magenta can also advise clients on all Internet -related issues, both in connection with­ advisory assignments and in litigation cases:

  • Net neutrality and traffic prioritisation practices.
  • Managing levels of responsibility of the main Internet operators.
  • Developing e-commerce sites with structured distribution networks.
  • Creating and publishing websites (drafting the general terms of use, privacy statements, personal data, acquisition of rights from contributors, etc.).
  • Assistance with setting up an e-commerce business (online payments, concluding contracts, electronic signatures, etc.).

Some of our recent assignments :

Assistance with the creation and development of an e-commerce site for an electronic communications operator.

Representing a web access provider in connection with a dispute against the owners of a videogame.

Representing a web access provider in a dispute about the rules on the digital economy law LCEN (filtering obligations, responsibilities of the provider/web host).