Some claim to know everything. We don’t.  

To meet our commitment to excellence and competence, we stick to our core strengths and are focused by design. However, with the aim of supporting our clients whatever problems they face, we do not disengage from issues that are not within our scope of expertise and are not reluctant to refer our clients to other law firms. 

In this aim, we have developed a network of “best friends” who share our values.  The activity of these law firms is directed towards the areas of law that we do not deal with, including: corporate, project finance, tax and labor and employment law.  This arrangement guarantees that our clients can benefit from a top-notch integrated service offer for all of their issues.  

Internationally, Magenta also has a network of best friends who enable us to service all of our clients’ legal needs (for example, multi-jurisdictional filings for mergers).