As part of their training and their experience in national and international leading law firms, our lawyers have acquired and maintained the desire to provide high-level services.  

More than a requirement, this is a commitment by Magenta with respect to its clients.  

Regardless of the type of issues that clients entrust to us (advisory services, assistance in negotiations, drafting of contracts or litigation), regardless of their complexity and whatever the stakes involved, we handle all client matters with the same standard of care and professionalism.  


For Magenta, the relevance and quality of its services are not only about “legal skills”, but also about technical skills, business acumen and industry expertise in the sectors in which its clients operate to understand the strategic implications of their available options and decisions. 

This investment in specialization enables us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only "legally correct" but are also practical and relevant in order to help them achieve their goals.

Our practice areas accordingly focus on the specific areas of law and sectors in which our lawyers have been acquiring expertise for several years.

We have first-rate expertise in :

  • Competition law (European and French): antitrust, merger control, private enforcement acions, State aid, restrictive practices and unfair competition
  • Distribution law (trade policy, distribution networks, etc.) and commercial law
  • Consumer law
  • Telecommunications law
  • Transportation law
  • Energy law
  • Internet and new technologies
  • Regulatory law
  • Media

This specialization, which is also expressed through the many public speaking events and publications by firm lawyers, enables our clients to benefit from the advice that best meets their needs..


Some claim to know everything. We don’t.  

To meet our commitment to excellence and competence, we stick to our core strengths and are focused by design. However, with the aim of supporting our clients whatever problems they face, we do not disengage from issues that are not within our scope of expertise and are not reluctant to refer our clients to other law firms. 

In this aim, we have developed a network of “best friends” who share our values.  The activity of these law firms is directed towards the areas of law that we do not deal with, including: corporate, project finance, tax and labor and employment law.  This arrangement guarantees that our clients can benefit from a top-notch integrated service offer for all of their issues.  

Internationally, Magenta also has a network of best friends who enable us to service all of our clients’ legal needs (for example, multi-jurisdictional filings for mergers).  


We are active in sectors where the regulatory environment is changing rapidly and where technological advances are fast-paced. 

In this context, not only do we constantly adjust and adapt to such changes, we also strive to anticipate them in order to enable our clients to best position themselves in their markets. 

Technological changes typically precede changes in the legal framework applicable to these sectors. We know when to show imagination and creativity to help clients find innovative and secure solutions to the problems they face in an unstable regulatory environment.   


Because the issues that our clients face are often urgent, we have maximized our availability and our lawyers are reachable at any time. 

We also attach great importance to respecting the deadlines agreed to with our clients.